What we do


Today millions of children are deprived of their childhood rights- right to live, right to education. Their childhood dreams are shattered because of their poverty.

These hapless children are forced to child labour. The environment in which they work prompts them to nurse a grudge against the cruelty of their masters and the unkind society at large. Slowly they take to vices and finally are driven to the world of crime. This is the unfortunate scourge of our society.

These children of circumstances should be lifted from the gutters and hugged with much love and care. Thus AADARANA founded by Sri.Jadi Madhava Rao who had been nursing a sincere desire to help these poor souls to become respectable citizens in future.

AADARANA picks these unlucky kids up, free them from child labor, and also the children rotting in gutters and undesirable environments. They are given love and protection, food and shelter, education and careers and ushered into respectable lives.


  • Children belonging to below poverty line and lost both or single parent
  • Children who are destitute and working as child labor
  • Children who are handicapped and their feeding has become problem to parents
  • Children who are critically ill and their medication becomes a problem to parents
  • Children of the parents who are critically ill themselves and cannot work and feed their young ones
  • Children who have become ‘Unwanted’ due to separation of their parents

All the beneficiaries applications are subjected to screening of their application and their entry into AADARANA should be approved by the management of AADARANA.

The right to admit a child and his discharge at any time due to any reason rests only with the management.