Evolution & Objectives:
AMITHABHA AADARANA VIDYALA came into existence in the academic year 2017-2018, with the sole aim of serving the needs of the students belonging to the lowest rung of the economic ladder of our society.

Beneficiaries and Benefits:
At present, about 100 students belonging to different Homes managed by different societies are getting the benefits of the schemes of ‘Amithabha Aadarana Vidyalaya, like free education, books, uniforms and mid-day meal under the protective umbrella of ‘AADARANA’. Of these, about 100 students are lodged in the hostel of the school which is initiated to accommodate the underprivileged, abandoned and orphaned sponsored by AADARANA.

All the teachers of Amithabha Aadarana Vidyalaya are qualified, trained and well experienced who have taken pedagogy as their religion and concentrate on each student of each class. They conduct weekly and monthly evaluation test to assess the progress of the students. They also conduct quiz competitions from time to time to make classroom education more lively and interesting.

Classroom Accommodation:
Classrooms are spacious and have well-designed furniture with a comfortable seating arrangement for the students. The school has separate spacious washrooms for girls and boys. The management has made drinking water available at multiple points of each floor to scatter to the needs of the students. There is a special dining hall which can be utilized for having lunch or snacks during break periods.

Computer Lab:
There is a well-equipped computer education lab and digital classroom for demonstrative teaching by the teachers to the students.

Readers Digest:
The school has to its credit a library with over 3,000 books of various subjects and languages besides a well-furnished reading room.

Games and Sports:
To encourage the students to participate in sports and games, the school has provided ready to use sports and games material kits for the use of students. A special coach for the games and a karate master are provided to train the students. For primary students playing articles like toys, rotors, inclined sliders are made available. Teachers motivate the students to play every day which makes these kids keep fit and grow faster.

Timely health checkups for the students are facilitated and arrangements are made for timely treatment by qualified doctors whenever the need arises.
Sanitation of the entire school premises and personal hygiene are given top priority.


School’s front office staff are provided with four live phones to have high connectivity status whose numbers are given to the parents of the students. These numbers enable our front office staff to reach any department like fire, police, hospitals or private doctors quickly in case of emergency.

Safety Measures:
Firefighting equipment are provided at various places on each floor of the school building and we have trained staff to use this equipment in emergencies.
Highly trained and experienced watchmen are posted at the school gate who will monitor the

Goings-on in and around the school premises, as the security and the welfare of the children/students, is the top priority of the ‘Amithabha Aadarana Vidyalaya’.

Cultural Activities:
Respecting our cultural heritage our school conducts cultural programs celebrating all Indian festivals. On these occasions, colourful dances, musical programs, one-act plays/skits which display our ancient historical incidents are enacted in the presence of invitees and special guests.

Child Rights:
In tune with the rules and regulations laid down by the concerned authorities our school management has taken utmost care in protecting the ‘child rights’. There is a ‘child rights committee’ constituted which meets every fortnight to oversee the ‘child rights’ preservation and takes up remedial measures whenever there is an untoward incident.

‘Amithabha Aadarana Vidyalaya’ came into existence with the sole aim of wiping out the tears of those depressed, distressed and despaired souls of our society who want to get educated but cannot because they merely are the victims of circumstances and much deplorable caste discrimination and class distinction driving these poor souls to depression and misery. If we can lift even a single such soul from the abyss of grief, we feel that we are successful in our effort.