Welcome to Aadarana Home For Orphaned

Mr Jadi Madhava Rao a postgraduate in mathematics, during his university days, came across scenes of children begging on the streets of Hyderabad. Ever since he had been thinking of what he could do for these helpless children of circumstances.

After completing his education he visited many homes for orphans. He worked for some time with them voluntarily to gain experience in procedural matters involving legal hurdles in taking up the care of neglected and needy children.

In the year 2003, he initiated the task of taking care of orphaned children by renting a building at –Warasiguda.

The small step he forged on that eventful day was the meagre beginning of a huge endeavour he has embarked on in his later years.

The years went by were not easy or smooth. They involved a lot of struggle, restless days and nights, a decisive philanthropic attitude and relentless application of body and mind. He roamed about on foot to donors- took up tuitions in Mathematics to procure enough funds to run his home successfully.

It was with great grit, enthusiasm and attitude he built up AADARANA brick by brick adding facilities like Amithabha AADARANA Vidyalaya- a hostel for boys with all modern amenities and a home for the aged and many more plans in his list to be fulfilled.

Madhava Rao’s indomitable will to serve these children of fate is the reason behind all his achievements.