About Us

Before founding AADARANA, Mr.Madhava Rao came across like minded gentlemen during his intense endeavour to find prospective donors to support his cause. Many were willing to join hands with him in founding AADARANA. His brothers too encourage him with lot of enthusiasm. The following are the ones who joined hands with Mr.Madhava Rao in his sacred crusade and have become office bearers.

Presently AADARANA has about 70 children of different ages and studying in different classes. AADARANA provides them food, shelter and education besides clothing and other accessories needed. All these children made AADARANA their Home and feel very happy to be inmates of AADARANA.

‘AADARANA’ also has established a free school not only for its inmates but for other deserved and needy day scholars too. The school has about 15 highly qualified and experienced teachers, a principal and a vice to look after administration. Five female servants besides two drivers and a watchman are employed. There is a bus and a van to transport students from far-flung distances.

The expenditure of the school runs into around Rs.2 lakhs per month and the entire funds are provided by AADARANA through donations, it gets from kind hearted donors.

The expenditure of ‘AMITHABHA AADARANA VIDYALAYA’ per month is as follows:

Teachers & Principals Salary Rs. 2,30,000/-
Maid ServantsRs. 30,000/-
Bus and Van Drivers Rs. 25,000/-
Watchman Rs. 10,000/-
Front Office In-charge Rs. 10,000/-

Besides above monthly expenditure, the school bears nearly about Rs.25,000 on miscellaneous expenditure like stationary and consumables.


  1. Jadi Madhava Rao, Social Worker (Founder President)
  2. Vakiti Santosh Reddy( Vice-President)
  3. W.Pooja, Social Worker (General Secretary)
  4. Dr.J.Narasimha Rao, Professor, O.U ( Joint Secretary)
  5. Dr.V.Dharmaiah, Rtd.Professor, O.U ( Organizing Secretary)
  6. Dr.Maya Devi, Professor, O.U ( Treasurer)
  7. Dr.Ananda Rao ( Executive Member)
  8. Jadi Laxmi ( Executive Member)
  9. D.Jaipal Reddy ( Executive Member)